Call for Applicants for Financial Support for Participating in the World Engineering Conference and Convention (WECC) 2015

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The Society of Women Civil Engineers (SWCE) are looking for applicants for the financial support for participants in the World Engineering Conference and Convention (WECC) 2015.


土木技術者女性の会では,世界工学会議の参加費補助の受給者を募集します。(link to Japanese page)


Poster for the session.

Poster for the session.

The World Engineering Conference and Convention (WECC2015) will be held in Kyoto from November 29 to December 2, 2015. WECC is an international conference on all fields of engineering; it is held by the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) every four years to discuss the progress of technology and social contribution.

We the Society of Women Civil Engineers (SWCE) are looking for applicants for the financial support for participants on the condition of attending one panel discussion of this conference, “Training of women technicians in the social infrastructure field”. It is an opportunity to attend lectures and presentations at the global level and to promote exchange with people around the world. We hope many of you will apply.

The expected applicants are students or engineers under 40 years old. There are no conditions of gender, nationality or a membership of SWCE. Foreign students are also welcome. For the successful applicants, registration fee will be entirely or partly supported and they may be requested to give a brief comment during the panel discussion.

This support program is fulfilled by individual donors.

The Society of Women Civil Engineers
President   Reiko Kuwano

[Application Requirements]

1. Contents

  • Participants to panel discussion #9-2 at WECC 2015: “Promoting young women in engineering (Part 2: Social Infrastructure)” at the World Engineering Conference and Convention (WECC) 2015.
  • Place: Kyoto International Conference Center, Kyoto, Japan
  • Date: December 1, 2015  15:20 - 16:30
  • Abstract: 21st Century requests to create a society where diverse individuals can participate in every sector in ways that their abilities can be fully exercised for betterment of the society. The social infrastructure sector and its related technologies span a broad range, and all people, irrespective of gender, are daily benefited from the infrastructures. However, women entering into the industry of social infrastructure technology are very limited and the gender gap still exists in some countries. The key reason is that the industry currently does not properly implement work environments for women to continue and develop their carriers. Although academic and industrial associations in various countries have long been aware of this problem, and have featured this issue on their journals or have organized symposiums, there are not enough good practices and the exchange or dissemination of information among the industry. There is a fact, however, that some women engineers have initiated pioneering actions to improve the work environment themselves, and some of these actions have led to successful legal changes, for example, the item of prohibit women from working in tunnels has recently been deleted in Japan.
    The panel discussion is to be organized in order to discuss ways to promote young women engineers in the field of social infrastructure technology, and share and exchange information and experiences globally. The panel discussion invites individuals with broad and extensive experiences in the field of social infrastructure from various backgrounds (country, organization, technological field, etc.). The panelists will discuss the issues, good practices, and recommendations from the perspective of fostering young women engineers as well as leaders. Young engineers with various nationalities are also expected to actively participate in the panel discussion by commenting and interacting with the panelists from the floor.
  • Facilitator: Dr. Osamu Kusakabe(National Institute of Technology, Ibaraki College)
  • Panelists: Dr. Satoshi Imamura (TAISEI CORPORATION), Dr. Reiko Abe (Oriental Consultants India Pvt. Ltd.), Dr. Lee Ji Hyung Samwoo ANC), Ms. Kiko Yamada-Kawai(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

2. Expected applicants

Students or Engineers 40 years old and under:

  • Students (All ages)   ----------  about 10 people
  • Engineers under 30 years old and under----------  about 2 people
  • Engineers between 31 and 40 years old  ----------  a few people

* There are no conditions of gender, nationality or SWCE membership. Foreign students may apply.

* The successful applicants may be requested to give a brief comment in the panel discussion.

3. Application

Submit your comments on the development of career, e.g. current status, key issues, future plan, opinion or requests to the working environment, etc. in English. State your name, affiliation, age, your e-mail address, title of the comments and your comments of about 300 words in A4 size MS Word format and send it by e-mail. A photo or a figure may be included in your comments if necessary. The file size should not be larger than 1MB.

4. Benefit

  1. For students or engineers 30 years old and under, the registration fee(20,000 yen) and the travel expenses up to 10,000 yen are supported.
  2. For engineers who are 31-40 years old, the registration fee of 100,000yen is entirely or partly supported.

5. Deadline

August 31, 2015

6. Selection

  1. Selection will be processed based on the submitted comments.
  2. Results of the selection will be notified in early October 2015.

7. Submission and Contact (Working group for WECC2015)

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